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5 Children’s Books With Stunning Illustrations You Don’t Want To Pass Up

Including imagery in children’s literature helps children understand what they are reading and helps build their language skills. It has also been shown to promote social-emotional development by introducing social cues and differences in culture, race, and other identities. These five children’s books listed below went above and beyond with their illustrations.

Little Echo by Al Rodin

This book follows Little Echo as she lives alone in a cave until she is given the opportunity to make a new friend. Someone loud and adventurous makes their way into Little Echo’s cave in the search for treasure, and along the journey, Little Echo realizes she could have a voice of her own. The colorful imagery on each page amplifies this story about finding your own voice. Throughout each image, the attention to detail draws the reader in and maintains engagement as the story develops.

Little Penguins by Cynthia Rylant

A simple story centered around little penguins when winter begins, this children’s book makes a great winter read. Throughout the book, the penguins get ready for the cold with their supplies and help from their mom, then venture into the snow. The illustrations on each page are simple, but the style in which they are drawn is so endearing.

The Lonely Zebra by C.M. Harris

Zola the zebra is alone and has no one to play with because she is different, until one day, she meets a friend who accepts her just as she is. This story of kindness and acceptance is told alongside colorful illustrations. The vibrant colors make each image visually stunning as the reader learns about Zola’s story.

The Proudest Blue by Ibtihaj Muhammad

This amazing book is the story of two sisters, Faiza and Asiya, on their first day of school. For Asiya, it is her first day of wearing the hijab. Faiza watches as her sister navigates her first day of wearing the hijab, but even with the teases from her classmates, Asiya remains strong and proud. This uplifting story is accompanied by beautiful imagery as Faiza describes what her sister’s hijab reminds her of and what it represents.

I Am The Subway by Kim Hyo-eun

The final book I chose is a story about all of the unique lives that go through the Seoul subway each day. This book portrays the message of the importance of the people around us and the individual people within the masses. The imagery shown on each page is detailed and full of people living within their everyday journeys. 


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