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Book Cover Reveal & The Caterpillar Hotel Welcomes You!

As spring blooms around us, so does the anticipation for our latest enchanting release: “The Caterpillar Hotel.” At Purple Diamond Press, Inc., we’re dedicated to crafting stories that captivate young minds and instill valuable life lessons. This spring, prepare for a heartwarming journey as we proudly present the charming debut of a first-time author, Caroline Kjos.

“The Caterpillar Hotel” introduces readers to a magical world with amiable characters and essential life lessons. Authored by a promising newcomer, this delightful tale follows Cody, a grumpy caterpillar whose arrival at the enchanting hotel inadvertently spreads his lousy mood to everyone around him.

Accompany Cody on a transformative journey through the pages of this captivating picture book. The narrative skillfully explores the profound impact of forgiveness and apology, encouraging young readers to reflect on their choices and consider the ripple effects they may have on those around them.

Against the backdrop of The Caterpillar Hotel, readers are introduced to a cast of friendly and hard-working staff who play pivotal roles in Cody’s journey. The story unfolds, revealing the significance of kindness and appreciation for Cody and the readers alike.

More than just a story, “The Caterpillar Hotel” reflects our choices and the power of transformation through empathy and understanding. The vibrant illustrations bring the characters and the hotel to life, making this picture book a literary delight and a visual feast for young readers. Illustrated by Nadee Diwakara.

And now, we’re excited to unveil the captivating cover of “The Caterpillar Hotel!”

childrens book cover with three insects standing infront of hotel
The Caterpillar Hotel

The imagery captures the essence of the story, promising a journey filled with charm, growth, and heart.

As a growing independent children’s publishing company committed to making a difference, “The Caterpillar Hotel” perfectly aligns with our mission.

This narrative inspires positive change, fostering empathy and understanding among its readers.

This spring, join us in celebrating the release of “The Caterpillar Hotel” with its mesmerizing cover that invites readers into a world of kindness, forgiveness, and appreciation. Get ready for a transformative adventure that will leave a lasting impression on young hearts and minds.

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