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Unveiling Imaginations: A Delightful Dive into the Creative Minds of Children's Book Authors & Their Whimsical Journey from Bedtime Stories to Colorful Characters!

Updated: May 22

Author Interview with Children Author's Marci Carrasco & Geri Hellman

A captivating journey into the enchanting realm of children's literature as we delve into the creative minds behind an upcoming book.

In this exclusive interview, two passionate authors share the inspirations that fueled their love for storytelling, from cherished bedtime moments with family to the vibrant characters born out of collaboration. Join us as they unwrap the layers of their narrative, exploring the balance between indulgence and self-control, all while infusing a lighthearted touch to impart valuable life lessons. Get ready to meet the authors who've sprinkled magic into their words and illustrations, creating a world that beckons both children and adults alike.

What inspired you to write a children's book?

1) My inspiration for writing children’s books came from my love of reading bedtime stories to my sister, niece, and nephew. At bedtime, I often liked turning off the lights to help them settle, which meant using my imagination to create a story rather than reading a book. Eventually, they would request the same story, so writing them down seemed like the most logical. Now, working in a preschool setting and sorting out books to read to the classes daily encouraged me to make those stories come to life. 

How did you come up with the characters in your book?

2) When developing the main character, the initial idea of a little girl came from my inspiration, my sister and niece. We expanded on that thought by bringing Geri’s passion for character design, cartoon doodling, and sketching. To create Phoebe, we played off their strong personalities, such as bubbly, determined, playful, and colorful. While imagining their world in a cartoon form or illustration, we worked together to help Phoebe blossom and create the other characters around her. 

What message of values do you hope to convey with your book?

3) We hope that our book conveys a positive reinforcement of being able to enjoy what you love most but in moderation. We strongly believe it is never too early to implement the value of self-control. We want to showcase helping children to manage their impulses and learning to manage them at a young age in a lighthearted way. 

4) Although the story's premise is related to kids asking for candy and sweets all day, it often makes us think about indulging as adults. We often overly focus on things we want versus what we need, leading us to brainstorm how to deliver an important lesson.  It is a lesson of not completely saying no or turning it down but knowing when to stop and think about the pros and cons. An experience we live day to day 

What has been your favorite part?

5) Geri has thoroughly enjoyed creating the illustrations and adding color to the pictures to help bring the story to life. I have enjoyed watching every aspect of this story come to life because it reminds me of many nights of telling it with the characters in my imagination. We have loved building momentum and buzz around our first project together and are proud of what we created. We want everyone to see it and love it as much as we do. 

Do you have any advice for aspiring children's authors?

6) We recommend getting to know your audience for every children's book author. Take your time, enjoy the process, and remember to have fun. 

When you're not writing, what are some hobbies you enjoy?

7) Outside of writing and working a full-time job, we enjoy painting, watching movies, going out to dinner, knitting, sketching, crafting, walks, spending time with family, and, of course, Geri playing with her cat (Marci has allergies).

The Secret Candy Drawer by the duo authors is one you will be happy you picked up!

In "The Secret Candy Drawer," meet Phoebe, a spirited 6-year-old with an irresistible secret stash of her favorite candies. When a dental mishap leads her to the dentist's office, Phoebe's vivid imagination transforms the daunting experience into a delightful adventure in a magical candy wonderland. Guided by the whimsical surroundings and Dr. Popper's reassuring words, Phoebe learns a sweet lesson about moderation. As she leaves the dentist with a promise to consume candy in moderation, find out if Phoebe can't help but indulge in her secret candy drawer and keep her gleaming new smile.

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