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Welcome To Our Blog!

Welcome To The Purple Diamond Press Blog! All Things Children's Books and Book Publishing!

Welcome to our blog! We are excited to have you! The Purple Diamond Press blog will have a broad array of articles and topics and resources and so much more! (Yes we intentionally added more "ands" than needed) If you are a parent, teacher, reader, author, or just a human, you are welcome to read and share.

Purple Diamond Press logo and slogan for children's book publishing company

Who Are We?

We are an independent book publishing company focusing on children's books that make a difference. We have a dedicated and brilliant group of authors who have made it their life goal to create beautiful stories for children that will have a strong and positive influence in their lives. Our books discuss many important topics but are also fun and engaging, Our books are beautifully illustrated by very talented illustrators; Ashlynn Ruman (Feather), Nareh Grigoryan, Ian Ward, and Chad Thompson just to name a few

Our books embrace diversity; representing children and characters of many cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds while supporting inclusion; representing children of physical or mental disabilities. We aim to show an array of diverse backgrounds so all children see themselves represented in our books. Every story is unique and will have different perspectives and that is the beauty of Purple Diamond Press books. By reading a story by one of our authors you will find a different writing style and journeys. Our authors are from around the globe and include Deborah C. Washington, Fliss Goldsmith, Imeisha Williams, C.M. Harris, Nycole Freer, Caroline Kjos, Marcela Carrasco and Geraldine Hellman.

A few themes that of our books embrace are friendship, acceptance of ourselves and others, financial literacy for children, gratitude, facing our fears, resilience, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, environmental safety, families, disability awareness and much much more.

Books are fun-damental!

Our Purple Diamond Press, Children's Books Bloggers

Will have many different articles with different topics including tips to grow your child's bookshelf collection, the importance of children books; authors and illustrators, tips for aspiring authors, exploring different book genres, finding a healthy balance between screen time and reading, the power of reading, and much much more!

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