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60-Minute Children's Book Manuscript and Publishing Consultation


Unlock the potential of your children's story with expert guidance from an established author and experienced publisher. In a 60-minute consultation, you'll have the opportunity to:

Manuscript Review:


Receive a thorough review of your manuscript, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.

Personalized Advice:

Acquire invaluable tips and actionable advice tailored to your unique story, empowering you to refine your narrative, characters, and themes.

Confidentiality Guaranteed:

Be at peace knowing that your manuscript is secure and will never be shared with anyone else.

 Publishing Insights:

Learn about the intricacies of the children's book publishing process, from submission guidelines to marketing strategies.

Interactive Q&A:

Ask questions about writing, publishing, and promoting your book.

Your Guide to 
The Start of Your

Author Journey

Ebook Download

Whether you're just starting out or looking to polish your manuscript, this consultation is designed to provide you with the tools and confidence to succeed in the competitive world of children's literature.


Book your session today and take the first step towards bringing your children's book to life.

After booking, email us your manuscript here

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