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Mission statement – We are a small independent publishing company focused on bringing informative, creative, diverse, and disability-inclusive stories to children everywhere.


Submissions  – We have a very selective review of children's authors that will be selected for publication and space is limited at any given time. We proudly select and take time to vet submissions to ensure that the Purple Diamond Press mantra is met. If you're looking to publish with our imprint please see our full services below. Individual services are open to all.


While the book market is flooded with books there is still an audience for your story as no two authors or books are exactly the same-- thank goodness for that! The publishing process is a marathon and not a sprint as we take time to provide readers with high-quality stories, all stories are professionally edited and illustrations are designed by highly skilled illustrators. If you want quick and easy publishing with instant book sales, please look elsewhere. We at Purple Diamond Press are dedicated to working with you,  not for you. We will provide you with the knowledge you need to create a book and market it for success.


We also offer individual services for self-published authors who need help formatting their books, authors who need a one-pager or sell sheet with their book information, and/or the very much-needed author website....three things every author needs. 





We Love Books

How Can We Assist?

Need help aligning your illustrations and text? We can help. With years of design experience we will provide a professional layout for you.


A must-have if you are inquiring retail shelves. We will design a professional page for you to distribute at your disposal. 


Websites are a must if you are serious about sharing your story. Let us design a site that is fitting for you and appropriate for the theme. 


Book Formatting
& Page Layout

Author Website
& Design


Full Services

Let us publish it for you!

We will walk you through the journey of becoming a published author and provide you with the access and resources you need. 

Remember, no one can sell your story better than you.

Book layout and formatting

Specific and detailed book plan

Explicit and customized marketing plan

Social media setup and overview

Professional author website

Book distribution and retail listed

Inquire below for pricing

Submit Your Book

Submissions for children's stories are now OPEN

List of services are provided on application

Tell us how your story aligns with making a difference.

Tell us about you, why is it important to share your story?

Tell us why you chose us. 

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