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April is National Diversity Month! Author C.M. Harris Highlights Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion: Embracing Our Differences

Updated: May 22

In the vibrant tapestry of humanity, diversity is not just a buzzword; it's the essence of our existence. As we celebrate National Diversity Month this April, it's an opportune time to reflect on diversity's beauty and richness in our lives and communities.

In 2022, Author C.M. Harris was interviewed by ABC 7 Los Angeles News anchor Rachel Brown

One poignant reminder of the power of diversity lies in the pages of "What If We Were All The Same!" – a heartwarming children's book penned by C.M. Harris. Through colorful illustrations and poignant storytelling, C.M. Harris beautifully captures the essence of embracing our differences and celebrating diversity.

In a world where inclusion is paramount, C.M. Harris's book serves as a beacon of hope, teaching young minds the importance of acceptance, empathy, and understanding. It reminds us that despite our varying backgrounds, abilities, and appearances, we are all fundamentally connected as human beings. Moreover, C.M. Harris is not only a storyteller but also an advocate for diversity and disability empowerment.

In April of 2022, she was interviewed by Rachel Brown, a respected news anchor at ABC 7 LA News, to share her inspiring journey and insights on diversity and disability employment. During the interview, C.M. Harris shed light on the stark disparities faced by individuals with disabilities in the workforce. Despite their talents and qualifications, many encounter barriers and prejudices that hinder their professional advancement. However, she also emphasized the immense value disabled individuals bring to workplaces, highlighting the importance of creating inclusive environments where everyone can thrive.

As we commemorate National Diversity Month, heed the lessons from C.M. Harris's book and advocacy efforts. Let us embrace diversity in all forms—racial, cultural, religious, or disability-related. Let us build communities and workplaces where everyone feels valued, respected, and included.

In the words of C.M. Harris, "What if we were all the same? It's a question worth pondering, but the beauty of humanity lies in our differences. Let's celebrate them, cherish them, and create a world where diversity is not just accepted but celebrated."


Author C.M. Harris is an independent author who writes children’s picture books to motivate and inspire every child. Every book has a special message and a lesson to ponder.

Living in Southern California, Harris is an award-winning author and entrepreneur. C.M. Harris loves traveling to schools for author visits, spreading the importance of friendship, acceptance, and disability awareness.

C.M. Harris graduated from the prestigious California Polytechnic University of Pomona, earning her degree in Graphic Design and Marketing Management. After graduating from CPP, she struggled to find employment after spending three years relentlessly pursuing employment but quickly discovered that there is a lack of opportunity and diversity for individuals with disabilities. Harris has entrepreneurial talent in her blood, being King Arthur Pannell's granddaughter, known for his famous fried chicken in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Harris did what she knows best and wrote her first book, What If We Were All The Same! to show that everyone has value, even the disabled.

To discover more about the author, C.M. Harris, check out her website and many amazing books loved by parents and teachers worldwide. Her next book, Seen, will be released on August 13th, the 5th anniversary of her bestseller, What If We Were All The Same!

With three additional books in the works, you will want to follow along on her journey. Despite what tries to get in her way, she has overcome some of the biggest challenges and obstacles but is determined to reach her goals and readers. There's no stopping her now.

Coming soon by C.M. Harris: Seen, God's Gifts To Us, What If We Were All Friends, and Truth Be Told.


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