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A Fish in a Tree

"I love this story! The rhyming pulls the story together in an amazing way. The illustrations are so colorful and cute. Well done!!"
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What If We Were

All The Same!

"In What If We Were All The Same ! author C.M.Harris introduces children to a simple concept : how diversity is a powerful and a wonderful thing. First, she shows thanks to Ashlynn Feather’s illustrations what a world where everything would be the same would look like. Same houses, same cars, same stars. Even the food would be the same and beets would be in everyday meals ! Using animals at first in her demonstration, she then shows how people are all different. I enjoyed all the diversity in this book and how it includes everyone : hair colors, skin colors, eye colors, handicaps, heights and capabilities ; everything being nicely explained in rhymes. I love how C.M.Harris empowers children, encouraging them to embrace their differences and respect the ones of others as well, sharing an important message about inclusion and diversity."

Haisley's Birthday Money

"Such a cute, very informative book. Parents can learn right alongside their children while reading this. We love that our son is not only entertained by the pictures and rhyming, but he is also learning valuable life skills. We model save, spend, and give in our house as well, it is nice to see this taught to young ones in such a fun way."
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What If We Were All The Same!

"This is a book I would love to have in my classroom! It is super simple to read, it rhymes, and has the cutest pictures. I think it is a great way to address how differences are what make us unique and it ties in real world things such as food and animals before discussing people."
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My Affirmations Workbook

"My son and I love this book! It has a lot of awesome activities for reading, writing and of course self esteem and self love practices! We look forward to utilizing it daily."
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Zion the Magnificent

"Thank You to Imeisha Williams for letting Adam work through his anxiety instead of being tossed into the pool. I have nothing but love for this little book and would give it a whole bucket of stars if I could."

-Reviewed by Jamie Michele for Readers' Favorite, 5 stars

Just Because...

"Great book addressing a unique topic! My daughter asks for this book to be read to her on a regular basis. It offers a chance for children to build perspective and to challenge stereotypes/negative thinking that sometimes surround our differences."
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Haisley's Birthday Money

"What an adorable and educational book for children. I’m looking forward to reading it to all my grandchildren. This book is such a great tool to help to teach your children at a young age the importance of money and how it can benefit their life by saving. Great job Nycole and Toni."
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Why Can't I...

"Why Can't I? was a joy to read. It's a sweet children's book about sharing kindness and love, saying sorry when we hurt someone, and having positive thoughts about ourselves and others. Your child can establish new friendships and maintain positive relationships with the aid of this beautiful book. It will also inspire them to value integrity and obedience. This book was outstanding in every respect. I enjoyed reading it and I'm sure every child will feel the same way. C.M. Harris used language that any child over seven will understand and be able to read. The text is packed with intriguing word constructions and rhymes to help children improve their literacy skills and make the narrative enjoyable to read out aloud. This is a fantastic read intended to entertain and educate. I highly recommend it to children of all ages."

Erin & Roderick

Discover Families

"Absolutely love this book! I purchased it to begin to discuss adoption with my little boy & he thinks it’s amazing. Perfect book to read to children to discuss all different families."
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